The (way too) Long Story

The (way too) Long Story

When I was young, I would wrestle the family camera away from whoever had it so that I could take the picture. This was in the early 1960’s and for us, that camera might have had two different Christmases, a vacation or two, and multiple birthdays on the same 16 exposure roll of film. So you could say that photography wasn’t necessarily a priority.

I had the good fortune to have parents who encouraged my interest in photography and my father even built a darkroom in a corner of the basement so that I could process and print my own black and white film. This combined with volunteering as a high school year book photographer for several years really sparked my interest and helped launch my career in photography.

After graduation from the Department of Photographic Technology at Randolph Community College in 1975, I worked a five-year stint in the newspaper business, first as a staff photographer at the Raleigh (NC) News and Observer and then at the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville.

In 1981 I returned to Randolph Community College and during my thirty year tenure there served as photography lab manager, instructor, department chair for the photography program, and eventually division chair for the photography, advertising and graphic design, and interior design programs.

Although my work at RCC took most of my time, I did occasional freelance photography projects for a range of mostly local clients. Along with personal photography, some of these projects are reflected in the collection of photographs on this website. I also took advantage of a grant program through Western Carolina University to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Special Studies.

I’ve always felt that everyone owes at least some credit for success that they’ve experienced to someone else. Of course my family is first on the list, but after them, the people who have had the most influence on my career are Jerry Howell, Bob Heist, Steve Murray, and Jim Strickland. Each in their own way have had an impact on my personal and professional development and vision.

Randolph Community College is where I obtained my degree in photography and it is also where I met my wife, Amee. Happily married since 1981, she has endured countless early mornings, late nights, and side trips that maybe made us late for our destination. Just so I could get a photograph. Or me being away from home for days or weeks so that I could do an assignment or attend some conference or professional development opportunity. Oh and there’s that year that I spent in Florida working for the Times-Union in Jacksonville. And anyone who has ever taught knows that it takes many extra hours each week to handle all the prep for classes, grading of projects, and other activities associated with keeping up with the workload. I’m forever indebted to Amee for her patience with my career in photography and education. I know there are many other long suffering spouses and significant others who also endure and indulge their photographer partner.

Now that I’ve retired from 30 years at Randolph Community College I’m enjoying more time with Amee and doing some of those things around the house that I neglected for 30 years. We’re also planning our new home In Pittsboro, NC. We’ve enjoyed that part of the state for years and look forward to moving to the rolling hills of Chatham County.

Most recently I've begun marketing the Photography Program at Randolph Community College. My primary activities are working with high school students at career fairs and college days. I also speak to classes and clubs about the RCC Photography Program. I’m also available for photography assignment work and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project. Just send a message or give me a call.

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